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Why You Should REALLY Like Your Wedding Photographer

Kimie is a wedding photographer serving Chico, California / Seattle, Washington & beyond!

I often tell clients that it’s so important to like your wedding photographer! Honestly, it’s a huge deal. Don’t settle for someone that you think might get on your nerves, or even someone that you’re just “OK” with because you like their work. You need to find a rocking combo of awesome skill and wonderful personality in the photographer that you hire! Why, you say? Ahh, well thanks for asking: You spend more time with them on a wedding day than with ANYONE else, including your new spouse. You’re thinking, no way… but it’s true! The photographer is there from hairdo & coffee, to ceremony, to 1st dances and cake. Every second. Spend your wedding day with someone you like and trust!Chico Ca wedding photographerChico wedding photographyThey are constantly in your face with their camera (in a good way, of course). This is along the lines as the point right above – but a step further. They’re not only with you all day, but they shove a piece of photo equipment in your grill Will you like them after all day of having that happen? Good question to ask yourself!Best Chico wedding photographerThey come into contact with EVERY SINGLE ONE of your family, and have to be able to work photography magic with them as well. Choose someone that you know won’t get on the nerves of Mother Mabel – cause a cranky mama is no fun. A photographer is a important vendor to have at your wedding and should make it a priority to not only do their job, but to do it with kindness and respect! They are constantly trying to produce beautiful photos and pull meaningful, natural expressions from you. If you don’t like the person shoving a camera in your face and asking you to put an arm there, tilt your head to the right, etc, IT WILL SHOW IN THE PHOTOS! You interact well with someone you like. So make sure you like them!Chico wedding photographerThey are often a key support person on a wedding day – at least a good wedding photographer is like this! If you don’t like them, they are less likely to feel comfortable enough to work at their full creative capacity. So… like your photographer. No – LOVE them! :) Going to an in-person consultation is an awesome way to meet them and see if they’d be a good fit for your day!

I would love to chat more with you about your wedding day, and to get to know you better. Shoot me a message and we can hash out the nitty gritty details of your wedding day and your wedding photography!

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