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But How Does It All Work?

1. We meet.

You spend an entire wedding day with your photog all up in your grill – we need to become friends first so that it’s a fun, comfortable experience! I buy you coffee, we chat about you and we look at pretty wedding pictures together, also we laugh a lot. You ask me all kinds of questions, I give you all kinds of answers. Such a huge investment deserves a good relationship first.

2. You decide which wedding package you’d like.

You sign your contract and mail it in with your retainer check. You also mail in your crazy awesome questionnaire I give you, because DANG IT, I want to be your friend and stalk you in only a slightly creepy fashion.  Now you are officially booked with KGP!

3. We schedule your engagement session (which is important!)

– engagement sessions allow us to get to know each other better, as well as giving you an opportunity to get comfortable behind my camera and see how I work. Bonus! You get pretty pictures. That too.

4. Goodie Time!

2 weeks later, you will receive a lovely box of goodies in your mailbox, filled with photos and candy goodness!

5. Friends on!

At this point, we probably add each other on Instagram and as Facebook friends, because let’s face it – we’re real friends now.

6.  One more meet up.

Your wedding date is getting closer,  I buy you coffee yet again and we convene to chat about all of the nitty gritty details of your day, such as the schedule, shot lists, and all that good stuff. We both leave feeling good and knowing all loose ends are tied!

7. Get Hitched!

On your wedding day, you get married and don’t have to stress because your photographer (that’s me) is your friend and can’t wait to give you 110% so that you can focus on what’s really important – marrying your best friend.

8. Goodie Time Again!

10 weeks following your wedding, you will receive another box of delicious treats and your photos. You will probably want to plan a date night just to cuddle and relive all of the amazing moments as you’re eating said delicious treats. If your package includes an album, I get to work on designing that and send you proofs so that you can give the final thumbs up.

9.  After this, we continue to be friends. Because really, I just spent one of the most important days of your entire life right by your side and I’m so grateful!


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