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Daniel & Molly – Susanville Ranch Wedding

I’m not always a Susanville Ranch Wedding photographer, but when I am…

…it seriously rocks. No, SERIOUSLY. I had been looking forward to Daniel & Molly’s Susanville ranch wedding for months, and they didn’t disappoint! Susanville is in the middle of podunk no where, but let me tell you, getting married in front of a gorgeous old barn with the pink sunset bathing the mountains as a backdrop is a complete DREAM. I have never been a part of anything quite like it!

Molly is probably one of the sweetest people alive. She’s a natural beauty on the outside, with these stunning green eyes and eyelashes that go for miles! But even more than that, her heart is so beautiful! I loved spending her special day by her side. And as for Daniel (aka Bert), his gentle spirit and incredibly hard work ethic (and complete adoration of Molly) was awesome to see. I’m so honored that I got to share in their wedding day!!

Enjoy these sneak peeks! XOXO

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