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chico wedding calligraphy

Calligraphy and Wedding Envelopes – Chico California Wedding Photography

I know you’ve seen the amazing envelopes addressed by hand in calligraphy that just knock your socks off.View full post »

2nd shooter cake

What exactly is a 2nd shooter for? – Chico California Wedding Photography

So, what the heck is a 2nd shooter for?? As I’m doing consultations and scheduling Chico weddings after theView full post »

Chico California Photography :: What are you paying for, exactly?

I love what I do as a photographer. I love weddings. I love families. I love kiddos. I love having the opportunity toView full post »

Things to Consider: “Unplugged” Wedding – Chico California Wedding Photographer

Things to Consider: “Unplugged” Wedding – Chico California Wedding Photographer There is a new trendView full post »

Things to Consider: Hiring a Wedding Photog that is NOT Local – Chico Wedding Photography

While I definitely recommend trying to find a photographer in your area (Chico, California & Seattle, WashingtonView full post »

5 Things to Look for in a Wedding Photographer :: Northern California Wedding Photography

There is more to hiring a professional wedding photographer than just finding someone who can take pretty pictures!View full post »

Chico California Wedding Photographer :: How to get Grandma Ethel shakin’ her thing PART DEUX

Alrighty! So my last post about amazing reception songs was definitely incomplete. There were so many songsView full post »

Get the Best Wedding Day Pictures Possible!

I’ve been getting a LOT of questions from couples asking about how to make their wedding day pictures the bestView full post »

We’re getting married in the MOOORRRRNING!

…Ding dong, the bells are gonna CHIIIIME!! Sorry, had to get that out of my system. :) Many brides ask me howView full post »

How to get Grandma Ethel shakin’ her thing!

Kind of not directly photography related, but when the guests are dancing their patooties off (badonkadonks? derrieres?View full post »

Help! I’m getting married and need amazing info! :)

Well, then look no further! I have tons of useful (and not so useful) information floating around in myView full post »

GAHH, how do I choose my wedding photographer?!

There are so many photographers out there, and on the day that you make your biggest commitment, you need aView full post »