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Why You Should REALLY Like Your Wedding Photographer

Kimie is a wedding photographer serving Chico, California / Seattle, Washington & beyond! I often tell clients thatView full post »

New Years KGP Giveaway!

I love my clients and followers, and I love giving back to them! Soooo… Win some super fun prizes!! Enter eachView full post »

Giants Day Game – Chico Family Photographer

We got to go to a Giants game yesterday! It was fun, and warm! Although, for as long of a drive as it is to get to theView full post »

KGP Did you Know? #1 – Chico Wedding Photographer

In businesses such as mine, it’s easy for clients and would-be clients to have questions about how things areView full post »

What’s Really Important

I took some time off the last week. Well, kind of. I still did 3 photo shoots. :) But I got away from Chico and went toView full post »

What’s in My Camera Bag?

I’ve had some questions lately about my gear. They’ve been great questions, and I’d love to share allView full post »

How to get Grandma Ethel shakin’ her thing!

Kind of not directly photography related, but when the guests are dancing their patooties off (badonkadonks? derrieres?View full post »

Help! I’m getting married and need amazing info! :)

Well, then look no further! I have tons of useful (and not so useful) information floating around in myView full post »

Around here, we don’t look backwards…

I learned early on in this business that if you are constantly comparing your work to that of other artists,View full post »

To Infinity, and BEYOND!!

I am SO excited about what the future holds! I love learning new things in this art, and I love changing and developingView full post »

“Did You Know?” Part DEUX

Part two of the Kimie “Did you know?”! I know you’re at the edge of your seats. I’ve beenView full post »

About Kimie – “Did you know…”

I think that photography is a different profession than most because not only does the photographer have to doView full post »