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One for the books, folks…

Chris and Jodi’s Orlando Florida Wedding was absolutely incredible! Shooting in Florida was a first for me, and let me tell you – it was an absolute dream!! If I could bottle up that delicious golden glowy sunshine and the spanish moss, I’d be a happy wedding photographer. :)

C & J are people you instantly connect with. You immediately want to be their friends – they are genuine, kind, joyful people who live their lives serving and giving back. And their wedding day was no different – it was an honest reflection of them as people, and one of the happiest wedding days I’ve gotten to share in. And there were Disney songs playing in the background during the reception… and you all know how happy that makes my heart!!

Hundreds of guests stayed ALL night dancing like crazy, eating the delicious food, and chatting and laughing over the hot cocoa bar. It was a great day, and I am so thankful to have been a part of it!! Enjoy these sneak peeks from their big day!

XOXO, Kimie

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This wedding was a dream. Seriously. And it wasn’t just because the Patrick Ranch wedding fall decor, staging, and florals were on point (Jodi from Chico Event Specialists nearly single-handedly rocked out this one, Idea Emporium did signage and Molly Ryan Floral – SO good!). It wasn’t even because the weather was divine and the catering made family recipe comfort food (although that was pretty awesome). What made the day incredible were the people I got to share it with! It sounds so cliche and corny, but I absolutely love these people.

I knew Sean and Melissa were my types of folks the first time I met them. They laugh and tease. They smile. They enjoy life to the fullest. They put each other’s needs before their own. They treat everyone they meet with kindness and respect, and make you feel like you are valued. If you have spent any amount of time with them, you know exactly what I mean!

So, their day was perfection. Tons of crazy could have happened on a November wedding day, but everything was fantastic. Enjoy these sneak peeks from Sean & Melissa’s big day!


Chico California Wedding Photographer2016-02-18_0005Chico Wedding Invitations2016-02-18_00072016-02-18_00082016-02-18_00092016-02-18_0010Patrick Ranch Wedding PhotographerPatrick Ranch WeddingDurham California Wedding Chico Wedding PhotographyChico Wedding PhotographerChico Wedding PhotographyPatrick Ranch WeddingMolly Ryan Floral2016-02-18_00192016-02-18_00202016-02-18_00212016-02-18_0022Chico Wedding Florist2016-02-18_00242016-02-18_00252016-02-18_00262016-02-18_00272016-02-18_00282016-02-18_00292016-02-18_00302016-02-18_00312016-02-18_00322016-02-18_00332016-02-18_00342016-02-18_00352016-02-18_00362016-02-18_0037Patrick Ranch Wedding2016-02-18_00392016-02-18_00402016-02-18_00412016-02-18_00422016-02-18_00432016-02-18_00442016-02-18_00452016-02-18_00462016-02-18_00472016-02-18_00482016-02-18_00492016-02-18_0050

  • February 19, 2016 - 9:24 PM

    Amanda Konyn - Absolutely stunning you two. It was an honor to see it in person.

  • February 20, 2016 - 8:53 AM

    Kristina - BEAUTIFUL, as always!!

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Bray and Ash are two people that you instantly want as best friends – B is a hugger with a warm, infectious smile, and A is whip smart stunner with a dry, sassy sense of humor and style for days!

Their engagement session in San Francisco was divine, and such an honest, sweet representation of who they are – I knew their wedding would be incredible. And it certainly didn’t disappoint! From the stunning flowers and fig arrangements gracing every inch of the reception (B’s mom is the amazing Pam of Cambray Rose Florist), Ashley’s gorgeous art-deco inspired gown, to the golden glow of the bridge setting and the confetti canons at the first kiss – it was a total dream.

There were thoughtful and personalized details everywhere, which was perfection. One of my favorites was that every place setting had a hand-written photo card to each specific guest. The time and effort to create such an epic day was truly astounding, and well worth it – the day was incredible! Ashley did much of the design and detail work, and Carey of The Idea Emporium and Jodi’s team from CES helped pull off the finishing touches and decor.

I am forever grateful that they gifted me with the honor of capturing their day! Enjoy these sneak peeks!!


Honey Run Covered Bridge Wedding

Diamond Hotel Chico WeddingDiamond Hotel Chico Wedding2016-01-12_00032016-01-15_0001Idea Emporium Chico CaliforniaUnique wedding invitations2016-01-12_0006
Chico California Wedding PhotographerArt Deco wedding dress2016-01-12_0010Chico first lookdowntown Chico wedding photography2016-01-12_0013stunning Chico wedding floristChico brick wall wedding photosChico California Wedding PhotographerChico wedding florist; Chambray Rose Florist2016-01-12_00182016-01-12_0019
2016-01-12_0021fig wedding decor2016-01-12_00232016-01-12_0024Honey Run Covered Bridge Ceremony
Chico Covered Bridge Wedding2016-01-12_0028
2016-01-12_00302016-01-12_00312016-01-12_00322016-01-12_00332016-01-12_0034chico covered bridge wedding; confetti weddingChico covered bridge wedding; confetti wedding canon2016-01-12_0037Honey Run Covered Bridge weddingCalifornia Covered Bridge Weddingclassic car weddingclassic car wedding photo2016-01-12_0042fig wedding flowers; peach and fig bouquet2016-01-12_0044
2016-01-15_0005Lakeside Garden Chico Wedding; gold and maroon color schemeunique wedding bar; fern wedding decorations2016-01-12_0047


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I’m not always a Susanville Ranch Wedding photographer, but when I am…

…it seriously rocks. No, SERIOUSLY. I had been looking forward to Daniel & Molly’s Susanville ranch wedding for months, and they didn’t disappoint! Susanville is in the middle of podunk no where, but let me tell you, getting married in front of a gorgeous old barn with the pink sunset bathing the mountains as a backdrop is a complete DREAM. I have never been a part of anything quite like it!

Molly is probably one of the sweetest people alive. She’s a natural beauty on the outside, with these stunning green eyes and eyelashes that go for miles! But even more than that, her heart is so beautiful! I loved spending her special day by her side. And as for Daniel (aka Bert), his gentle spirit and incredibly hard work ethic (and complete adoration of Molly) was awesome to see. I’m so honored that I got to share in their wedding day!!

Enjoy these sneak peeks! XOXO

2015-11-20_00022015-11-20_00032015-11-20_00042015-11-20_00052015-11-20_0006Susanville Ranch WeddingSusanville Ranch weddingChico Wedding PhotographerSusanville Ranch Wedding PhotographerSusanville Wedding Photography2015-11-20_0012Susanville Ranch Wedding2015-11-20_0014Chico Ranch Wedding2015-11-20_00162015-11-20_00172015-11-20_00182015-11-20_00192015-11-20_0020Chico Wedding PhotographerSusanville Barn Wedding CeremonySusanville Ranch WeddingChico Wedding Photographer2015-11-20_00252015-11-20_00262015-11-20_00272015-11-20_00282015-11-20_00292015-11-20_0030Susanville Wedding2015-11-20_00322015-11-20_0033Susanville Country Wedding2015-11-20_00352015-11-20_0036Susanville Country Wedding2015-11-20_0038Chico Wedding PhotographySusanville Wedding PhotographerSusanville Ranch Wedding2015-11-20_00422015-11-20_00432015-11-20_00442015-11-20_00452015-11-20_00462015-11-20_00472015-11-20_00482015-11-20_0049Chico Barn WeddingSusanville Barn Wedding2015-11-20_0052

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