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About You


You know who I am now! But who are you?

You love pretty things, and you know how to have fun! Relationships are important to you, and smiling is your favorite. There’s a good chance you are foot loose and fancy free.  S’mores are your love language.  Food trucks make your heart go pitter patter – late night Taco Truck anyone? Chocolate goes with anything.

You’ve got swagger. Road trips are your jam. Concerts feed your soul, or at least they did before life got so busy! You are creative and love trying new things. Your day has personal touches all over it, but Pinterest is not your secret weapon.  You love what you love and you won’t apologize for it, not even for a second. Sorry Mom.

You crave real, happy, authentic moments, and want your wedding photos to reflect that.

If this sounds even a bit like you I’d LOVE to drink so much coffee together!

Chico Wedding Photography and beyond (cause traveling rocks!)