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About Kimie

Hey Guys, That’s me up there!

Yep! I’m Kimie! Super cool, but occasionally nerdy 80’s music loving Chico wedding photographer. Cheesy sci-fi owns a pretty large part of my heart – X Files, Doctor Who, Star Trek… I should probably stop now huh?

Random delightful facts: People and building relationships are some of the most important things to me in the whole world. I realize that although sarcasm is a real thing, I don’t really get it.  I’ll totally pretend to though so you don’t feel awkward.  I rock a living room dance party with the best of ’em. I’m openly a bit of nerd. I’ve always been a creative of some sort – I love photography, but before this here gig I was a professional musician.  If you look around the world of screaming metal musicians you might even find me doing some of those super angsty background screams. Shockingly none of the bands I worked with ever invited me on stage at any of their shows – maybe I look too tough (look, I can totally use sarcasm like I regular person!) My instrument of choice is the piano.  My Lens of choice is a 135 f2 (believe me, it’s delish).

about_side2Want to know more?

  • I love the “Dirty Girl” from Dutch Bros with very nearly my whole heart. It’s the best drink in the whole wide world. Order it – and try not to be embarrassed asking for it. (I once accidentally ordered a “Slutty Mama”, but that’s a whole other story…)
  • Sleep seems like more of a luxury than a necessity. 5 hours in one night is sleeping in for me.
  • My insomnia is fueled almost exclusively by editing photos and binge watching Netflix. Any suggestions?
  • SNL inspired movies are better than all others. Blues Brothers, anyone?
  • Music = My happy place.  On repeat in my life: “Daisy” by Goodbye June and “No Good” by Kaleo
  • I read. Ravenously. My Kindle gets a hearty workout.
  •  I am not shy and a rather loud person (who loves people), but I avoid answering my phone like it’s the plague. It’s weird.
  • I have a HORRIBLE memory. Writing things down makes me seem super awesome though! Lists are my happy place.
  • I have double jointed knees… which is probably one of the reasons I’m klutzy. Ask me about it and I’ll show you my double jointed super power.
  • I would live in Disneyland if I could.
  • My ideal date night: Dinner anywhere that doesn’t wrap their food in paper and stand up comedy/theater.
  • I haven’t always been a Chico California Wedding Photographer – I grew up in deliciously cloudy Seattle, Washington!

Yep, I’m Kimie, Chico California Wedding Photographer, Who are you?